Step 1:  Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and smooth (to ensure maximum adhesion, it is recommended you wash the wall down with sugar soap).

Step 2:  No glues or pastes are needed.  The print should be applied dry, onto a dry surface.  However, if applying to plastic or glass, both surfaces will need to be wet, just with water which will help eliminate bubbles and make easier for aligning.

Step 3:  If applying full coverage, check that the ceiling and adjoining walls are square, as this will affect the laying as you progress from left to right.

Step 4:   Peel the paper backing, then working from the top left hand corner, line up the top edge with the top of the wall and left edge.  Smooth the top and then work your way down.

A second person is recommended to line up the bottom/adjoining the left hand abutting wall.

Step 5:  Once placed in position, smooth out with your hands or a soft cloth.  If using your hands, make sure you have no rings or sharp objects in your hands as this will scratch the print.

Step 6:  Repeat Step 4, matching the print on the right hand edge of the previous panel, all the way down, and then smooth out as you go.

Continue this procedure until complete.


If you find you have misaligned, the print can be easily removed and realigned again.

If removing to realign, make sure that no foreign objects come in contact with the adhesive surface as this will create a blemish when re-laying.

If laying smaller than a full wall (eg. poster size), it is recommended you mark with a light pencil mark on the wall, a level top side line as a guide.

When removing, paint may come away from a plasterboard surface, however it should not damage the plasterboard.  This will happen only if the plasterboard has not been sealed and painted correctly (ie. plasterboard joins etc.) If this happens, the wall can be sanded and repainted if you are not applying another poster.  If this should happen after removing to realign, carefully scrape the paint off the poster and start again.

When cleaning, only use warm water and a soft cloth.  Never solvents or abrasives as this will damage the print.

When removing the poster in the future, simply lift an edge, and carefully pull the poster away from the wall.