If my pic is smaller that a sqmtr, what will the cost be?

We try and deal in minimum of a poster size, but this can be negotiated

Can I upload more than one pic for my wallpaper?

Yes, we can also do collages on request.

Can you help me find a pic I’m looking for if I don’t have the image, and I cannot find one suitable in your library?

Yes, we can source other avenues for the image you require

Once ordered and approved, how long until I receive my wallpaper?

7-10 days depending on distance

Once the wallpaper is taken off a wall, can it be re-used elsewhere or will it no longer be sticky?

Your wallpaper could possibly be reused, but the quality of the adhesive will deteriorate over time. When applying initially however, it can be removed and realigned several times if necessary without any problems.

What if the size of my pic is smaller than required for a large wallpaper order?

We can endeavour to enlarge your photo, however there will be no guarantees. If you require a large poster/wallpaper (eg. 5sqm or above), a physical sample can be sent for a minimal additional cost.